Make Green Do More

"At kindredSun™ we don't share energy, we share the revenue it creates."

kindredSun™ Business Model

How is this possible?

How solar works today: When you choose to add solar to your home, you will now receive two electric bills. A new solar bill that reduces the cost of your existing utility electric bill because the power from your solar system replaces a portion of the utility power at a lower cost per kWhr.

How solar works with kindredSun™: Exactly the same as before, except that an arbitrary percentage of your monthly solar payment is donated to the community program of your choice

kindredSun™ patent pending Solar Power Pledge program creates the first community shared solar revenue "entitlement" by redirecting a significant portion of your community's participating homes and businesses monthly solar energy payments to locally-managed community non-profits.

These endowments are managed by local organizations and individuals who participate in our marketing campaigns on behalf of your after school programs.