Funding Afterschool Programs with Community Solar Revenues

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"Harnessing a force of nature to save our school programs."

Before you choose a Solar Provider: Make your choice count for a kid too.

Please "compare and share" with your favorite school or youth program, you will not only save money and the environment, but our youth’s future.

It’s all in your hands now, and theirs tomorrow.

"The Sun is the Source, the Sky is the Limit"

No strings attached. It is your community's money, period. Our filed patent applications protect your community's interests by providing an Iron clad legal ownership based on a percentage of the actual measured solar energy that your community's homes and businesses produce every day, not profit sharing promises, or any form of business partnership with kindredSun™ or anyone else.

A gift that literally keeps on giving. A gift from kindredSun™ and our partners to your community's families and their schools. As long as the sun comes up the money will be there − simple.

Your solar dollar never went further.

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